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人生旅程頌 (Celebration of Life Journey)

少年不知 天高地厚  As a youth, don't know much
離鄉別井 越洋求學  Far away from homeland, studying abroad
蹉跎嵗月 學業有成  Years gone, succeed in school
文憑一張 工作良機  A diploma, a job opportunity
異鄉作客 廿載寒暑  Get settled in foreign land, years gone by
成家立業 花園洋房  Get married, successful career, house with garden
玩玩番狗 三明治人  Keep a dog as a pet, three generations
上有高堂 下有兒女  With parents above, children below
學琴練波 供書教學  Music lessons, sport practice, college education
車來車往 日夜操心  Busy transporting, everyday worry
手機傳真 以慰掛念  Smart phone facetime, ease the heartsick
嵗月悠悠 两鬢蒼白  Years gone by, greying at the temples
子女成才 他州安家  Children are grown, settle down out of state or abroad
頻頻撲撲 春夏秋冬  Busy running around, year round 
來回機票 東西两岸  Round trip flights, east coast, west coast 
探子探孫 凑孫一族  Visit children, babysit grandchildren 
高齡高堂 日夜盼見  Aging parents, yearn to be by the side
花甲之年 仕途之心  Reaching sixty years of age, zest for career 
意氣欄珊 退休ニ族  Long gone are days of climbing the ladder, join the retiree group
思念舊人 兒時玩伴  Yearning to meet old friends, childhood playmates
同窗書友 電子郵件  High school, college classmates; communication via emails, texts
臉書網頁 微信簡訊  Facebook, Facetime, WeChat, Whatsapp
越洋網絡 只差分秒  Internet, WiFi, instant communication
重温友情 越州越洋  Enjoy the warmth of friendship, around the world
聚餐吹水 結伴同遊  Gather to share stories, keep company in traveling
遲暮之年 瀟灑一樂  In twilight years, live elegantly and happily with good company
退休生活 閒來無事  Days as retirees, with nothing better to do
追追劇集 中韓台日  Busily watching TV drama series; Chinese, South Korean, Taiwanese, or Japanese dramas
歩步驚心 百日郎君 Scarlet Heart; 100 Days My Prince
延禧攻略 再創世紀 Story of Yanxi Palace; Another Era
集集狂追 廢寢忘餐 One episode after the other; Too engage to watch day and night and forget to eat
上網窮搜 劇劇皆宜 Searching favorite websites all over the internet for free access; All dramas are welcome
養生之道 健康之憂 Regimen way of healthy living; Concern for good health
緩緩週身 風濕骨痛 Slow down arthritis or joint pain
糖尿三高 頭暈身熱 Diabetes, three highs in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol; Dizziness or fever
六七八十 此乃常事 It's common for seniors in their 60s, 70, and 80s
自己鑽研 網上知識 Do self help and research; Information is over the internet
比比皆是 試这試那 Web-based information is in abundance; Try this and try that
姜檸秋葵 苦瓜甘籃 Ginger, lemon, okra, winter melon, kale, …
與友同享 不亦樂乎 Share experiences happily with friends and family
author: Pauline Chow

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