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Taro Cake Recipe 

Taro Cake Recipe to make 4 loafs

Taro 5lb

Rice flour 1lb

Corn starch 2tbsp

Water 5-6 cups

Chinese sauce 1lb

Chinese preserved pork ½piece

Dried shrimp 2oz

Dried black mushroom 10 pieces

5 spice powder 1tbsp

Oyster sauce 2tbsp

Soya sauce 2tbsp

Chicken Bouillon powder 2tbsp

White pepper 1tpsp

Salt 2tpsp

Vegetable oil 2tbsp


1) Cut taro into dice

2) Steam taro dice for 20 minutes

3) Divide cooked dice taro into 2 halves

4) Crush or press ½ of taro into paste add 1 cup of water to soften the paste

5) Mix the dice and paste together

6) Soak the dried mushroom in 2 cups of water for ½ hr and cut into tiny pieces

7) Soak the dried shrimp with 1 cup of water for 5 minutes and cut into tiny pieces

8) Cut the preserved pork into small pieces

9) Cut the Chinese sausage into small dice

10) Cook Chinese sausage, pork, mushroom and shrimp with vegetable oil in medium heat

11) Add oyster sauce, soya sauce, chicken bouillon, 5 spice powder, salt and pepper to the cooked mixture

12) Save 1 cup cooked mixture to put on top of the taro cake for decoration

13) Add rice flour, corn starch and water to the cooked mixture

14) Add the cooked taro and taro paste to the flour and sausage mixture

15) Divide the mixture into four pans to make 4 cakes

16) Put the saved cooled sausage on top of the mixture

17) Steam the mixture for an hour

18) Cut the steamed cake and serve

19) One can also fry the taro cake if needed