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Innocent Prank

On a Sunday afternoon, our friends invited us to attend their niece's dance performance in "The Snow Queen", at a local Community College. It was a wonderful surprise. The niece is only 14 years old and has been a student at the California Contemporary Ballet. She took up dance lessons for 9 years - quite an extraordinary young star. She had a solo dance as an angel in Act 2. Her mom asked me to tutor her some geometry proofs months ago.

During the program, a mom was chasing after an 18 month old boy who was running up and down the stairs. Although he didn't make too much noise or cry, but we were a bit annoyed as we sat near the isle.

About 5 minutes before the end of the program, the cast was coming out one or a pair at at time doing the final dance routine. Everyone was enjoying and clapping hands. Suddenly the alarm went off and lights were flicking. I thought it was part of the final act. Then I saw people started getting up and leaving the auditorium. The doors were swung open. More people stood up and walked outside. A cast member started telling people to go outside and assured the audience that there was no fire or emergency. She went on to say there was just a small act to finish the show and told us to return shortly. So, we also got up and walked outside. If there were a real fire, we would be roasted inside. Thinking faceDisappointed relieved 

Who was the culprit?  As it turns out, the 18 month old boy went outside with his mom and pulled the fire alarm! He was the final act Angry face with horns. He made the entire cast and over 200 people in the audience to go outside! Everyone was saying, "it was the little boy, it was the little boy!" I made a remark that, "he will be marked for life of what he did!"

Later we all returned to the auditorium and watched the last part of the show! It was a wonderful program. We were glad that we got invited. It reminds us of the orchestra concerts that we attended when our children were young Heart Eyes.